Thursday, July 28, 2011

...Brief Penang Trip...

Hey ya'll! How day?

Went to Penang for a 1 day trip last week..

Before you start, be prepare to face a lot of photos..

Here are something that I'm gonna share:

Breakfast in TI before we head to Penang..

This can only be found in my lovely hometown Teluk Intan!Yum Yum!

After breakfast, start our trip..

And when you see this, you know you're about to reach the town!

First destination, Penang Hill..

Honestly, this is the first time I went up there.. 
I pity those traveller because it cost them RM30 to went up there..

But if you're a M'sian the train tix cost you RM8 only..

What a big difference..

And remember, if you're a M'sian with a student ID, show it at the tix purchase counter to get a 50% discount!

Going up...up...up...
It's just a 5 mins routine for the train to get up there, pretty fast..

So below are something that I capture when I'm up in Penang Hill..

Indian temple

Abang adik arguing..LOL

So yea..after some walks, we've came to this little cottage..

Or I should say restaurant..

It's tea time, so we had a little food there..

Uhhmm..Frankly speaking, the food there just so so and they cost a boom..

This tea time cost us RM60. What do you think?

But it's really a nice place to have your tea time..Lovely environment with soft wind..

So yea we went back to our hotel, take a rest and head to Autocity, Juru..
It's just a 30mins journey from Penang to Autocity..
There's a lot of bazaar and restaurant in this place..

A really nice place to have your dinner or lunch..
Meeting his old friends where currently in Taiping..

After the dinner, we head back to Gurney, Penang..

Quite a lot of photos taken there..So ah..enjoy yourself..

And we saw people selling this pet, is it a hamster or what?

I don't know?But it cost RM400++!Yea crazy I know..
And we found out that there's a rojak stall selling AWESOME rojak!!!

Must try babeh!!MUST TRY!!
It's G.P.Soon Rojak, stall #39!

The best rojak I've ever had!!

And it's still opening even it's 2am in the morning..

You can had ur supper there although it's a bit weird for having rojak as supper..LOL

Last but not least, the most epic of the post!
Tah Daaahhh!!

You will know how tasty the rojak is from his face!LOL!

- END -

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

...It's Living Again...

Have been abandon my blog for almost 2 months..

Feel so sorry about that..

I didn't even feels like update it when I'm having my semester break..

So wassup people?XD

Went to lepak in Genting with fellow friends!LOL

What a crazy lepak!hahahaha!Go again next time ok?

Here are some pix that you might enjoy..

Yea we all look quite normal in at the beginning, but wait till you see until the end..

Epic right?I know...hahahahaha!

So have fun with this post!heess...
We actually make Ripley's Believe It Or Not our photography studio!LOL

If you don't have money to rent a studio, here is a good place to take photo too..LOL!

It really has nice lights n background!

After playing with this, we decided to have a group act..

Ask them what are they laughing at?I'm being very serious okay ~ XD
Whenever I'm serious, they're laughing!

So think we enjoy taking photo at the corridor?

Not really...

All act normal when there's people passing by!LMAO!

Oh ya..not forget the deep thinker!
Think until headache type of deep thinker!!LOL
Another background..

This is my favourite!So edgy!!!

BTW, I took this photo above...XD

Still, it's very edgy

Yea we all having fun taking photo inside!

Ripley's Believe It Or Not actually loss money for letting us enter this show room!XD

Another cacat session!
The Simpson!LOL
And this is \./ \./ 

LOL!yea..exactly..'OLD BOOBS'!
Animal 'lover'
And lastly group sex!!LMAO!!
This is the only we can have a group photo..
After exit the show room, we also had a Ripley's Believe It Or Not case..

Two Eye Balls man!!ahahahahahaha!!

SO yea...

After that, we went to chill in Starbucks and met this cute little handsome kid!

I'm so in love with him!!He's extremely cute!!I miss him!! :(

Then we went to outdoor for some adventurous game..

This game play like this:

Taking off our jacket, walking with our spaghetti straps / singlet, see who can make it longer!

LMAO!!This is WTF game!!

But we all having fun too!!!hahahahahahaha!
It's very torture to carry a jacket on our hand but not able to wear it!XD

And yup..we had a beautiful picture of the big city!
If you're careful person, you can see KLCC & KL tower!

So after all this craziness lepak in Genting..

We went back to KL with a tired body!

Some SS pix...heeesss

Imagine, with such a tired mind n body, we still make it to be the volunteer for Paw Mission on the next day..

But it's killing because we're so so darn tired..

And that's it!!

Next post will be a brief Penang 1 day trip!

Ciao & good day! :D

- END -