Tuesday, September 6, 2011

...Colour My LIfe...


What a fully utilized raya break..

How ya'll spend your break people out there?

Hopefully ya'll had a great time too!

Yea..went to JB and Singapore with my friends..

Have fun and I got tanned there!

Blame it on the beautiful tempting beach!

Who doesn't love beach?!?
And look at the water..awwh..I miss the beach alrd..

That's the reason why I become like this:
Yea I'm kinda tan right now and got serious sun burn..whoaps..

But still I love beach!I'm lovin' it!

A little mess up photo on the beach with my babe:

Next come to this.. 
Yeap I went for a host interview in 8TV last month..

And today they call but too bad I missed the call!

I'm so depress now!I tried to call back but no one is answering the phone..SOB!

Haih..Nvm bah..

Like what hubby told me: 顺其自然吧..

But I really hope to experience different things in my life weh..SIGH!

Alright..Enough for sobbing..

Now come to this:
Yea..I'm so happy to participate in this model search as there'll be lots of fun and exciting activities coming up every week..

No matter how the results be, the most important thing is I enjoy the process and I got to make friends! :D

For more photo and info about this roxy model search, click HERE and HERE for lastest update! ;p

Last but no least:
Yea I know right..

What a BIG transform!

I'm still not used to it but I love it!

Just finish walking on Loreal Hair Show this afternoon in G-Tower Hotel..

Actually this is the first model job I've ever got before..

I mean I got paid!I'm so happy!

As in I get to experience how the model line looks like..

And get to meet professional people..

Here are some photos that you might enjoy:

With Nina, new friend.. :D
There's a lot of them but...Hees...don't have the chances to take photo with all of them!

With the models and hair stylists..

Models, Stylists and Technicians..
 Thanks for all the technicians as they help us a lot..

Donna (Hopefully I did not misspell her name), don't you feel that our hair look alike?LOL 

Damian, the one who cut my hair!And I really love it!

With the professional models!They're so So SO TALL!!
They are so pro in walking as they teach us how to pose and walk and the finale and everything la..

Memang professional, hopefully I'll look like them one day..

But I'm too short d wey.. :(

Aiks..Ok ok..I know too much of complaining..

And here comes to an end for my post..


I really have to say thank you all for this great opportunities! <3

Good day people and cheers!

- END -