Wednesday, August 3, 2011

...Complaint Letter...

BEWARE: This is a very BORING post that I'm trying to complaint about my recent life. Think twice before you read this. I just need some where to release my stress. Forgive me :)

Dear God,

   Can I know why am I so unlucky recently?Can I know where is my luck? I want my luck back please. Don't treat me like this, I know I've been swearing a lot but I did nothing wrong. I didn't kill people, I didn't steal, I didn't rape, why you wanted to treat me like this?

Sincere, Me

It's been a long time I didn't write a post complain about this and that..

Yea..This is life..I'm very sad with my life recently..

My life is full with stress now!

Seriously, I've been spent RM2000+ on my car..

But luckily that amount is covered by daddy..heeesss..

I just wish that  I have another RM2000 to change my car a new colour..

So that all the scratches can be covered up.. T T

Forget about past few unlucky days, talk about the most recent one..

Which is my car got driven by a friend who has lousy driving skill name CK Phur, Phur Chee Keat!

Yes I mean you!!YOU YOU YOU!!! Are you drunk on that night?

I believe you didn't even plan to tell me about that if I didn't find out my  car side mirror's cover dropped off!

And you scratch my car some more!! Now I have spent RM100 on that cover and RM80+  to go & polish my car!

Does anyone knows where can I polish that scratch part only? I don't wanna polish the whole car.. T T

I don't know how to polish it myself.. T T

I treasure my car like my life because he brings me here & there!

I really appreciate that I have a car which allows me to go anywhere any time..

But, I just feel very sad driving my Xiao Zuki when he's in a very poor condition..

Why la why?Tell me why..

And anyone know where to adjust the car timing around KL or Teluk Intan area?

My car timing is very low after my car's engine got wet by the stupid tinted shop!


Don't talk about it anymore!!

The stupid tinted shop!!Don't ever go there people!!

It's in Teluk Intan opposite Restaurant Sze Chuan, the last tinted shop, NOT the one in the middle one..



They have lousy worker with lousy skills, irresponsible attitude & lousy brain!!

I'm so depressed now...Seriously...I wanna cry!!

And today I had a severe headache!

I never experience such a headache before..

And this is the first time!

Perhaps I have too much problems I have to face now..

When driving home I merely crash on a BMW!

Because he suddenly cut out from his lane!

Seriously, what luck am I having now?

"Gao Sai Woon" T T

- END -