Saturday, October 8, 2011

...End Of This, Beginning Of That...

So yea...

The Roxy Model Search 2011 has come to an end..

And I got the second place which consider as one of the consolation..

I wish that I could be on the cover of Seventeen Mag but too bad I couldn't make it..

But never mind, my passion in modelling will never end as long as I got the chances.. :D

So I'm up here to share my feelings with you all with these photos...

So yea when announcing the top 3 I feel so happy because I can get into top 3!

But you can see from my face that I'm more nervous than happy!LOL

Well I just keep looking down because I'm really stress..

My heartbeat beat like drum's rolling!
When it comes to this stage, which left two of us, I become more nervous and I'm shaking!

See the holding palms and weird face and you'll know!XD
And well at the end I'm not the grand prize winner..

So congrats to Cheryll Ho for becoming the Roxy Grand Prize winner for year 2011!

And also congrats to all the consolations model Alyaa, BuBu, Caryn and Letitia..

Once again some of our group photo..

Well I really enjoy throughout the whole process as I got to meet new friends and gain new experiences..

Meeting you girls considered as part of my life already..

So yea..wish that we could hang out once again all tgt someday..

And I have to thanks Roxy for giving me such a precious chance!

Also all the awesome prizes! Appreciate alot!

And give an applause for all of the models! :)

By the way, I also have to thanks my friends who's coming for the final

Yup the 4 of them!Thank you so much for being so "bei min"..hehehehe!

Also my sis and bro-in-law..

And my mental supporter from the Teluk Intan, Ipoh, Setiawan, UK and Australia! :D

Hopefully I didn't disappoint you all..

Lastly, I have to say I actually love this ring!XD

Also I got the chances to take photo with Amber Chia :)

And one last photo of me before I end this:

Good day people..

Tomorrow have to be prepared and fight for my basketball team!

Good show today and wish for a good game tomorrow!

You go girls and Good Night peeps! :)


- END -

Monday, October 3, 2011

...Up Again...

Hey Hi Yo Yippie Yay!

Yes I'm here again..LOL!

Like once a month?

Paiseh I really don't know how to update my blog now as in I don't wanna crap too much...

But I just feel like crapping to myself when I'm really bored..

So bear with me for a while..HEHE!

And...Wassup people?LOL!

Am here to update the Roxy diary..

Yeap...I've been through the surfing lesson at Sunway Lagoon and guess what..

It's so A to the WE and the SOME!Yes...AWESOME!!

I really have fun there and it's emerging a deep feeling on me in learning surfing..

Seriously, I'm wondering how much is it to learn how to surf in Lagoon?

You people should have go and try it out!

Well, just let the pix talk, but there's not much pix taken as we're enjoying our lesson! :D

Yea got bruises on my arm and thigh..

Not only me, most of us got injured.. :(

Don't ask why I'm the only one with bikini because I've given my rashie to Ellysha..

Not enough rashie for yup..

Then following weeks is the posing lesson and photoshoot week..

Our catwalk guru Benjamin Toong..

And photoshoot in Sunway Lagoon..

All dolled up like a hot chicks..

And these are the 5 bikini chicks! (included me!)XD
Oh well my name always got spell wrong..It's Veeiean ~ gah...Nvm ~

And other smoking hot chicks who dressed in different theme.. ;D

FYI, the final is on the 8th of October 2011 which is this coming Saturday!

Anyone of you are welcome to attend the final.. :)

RM20/Tix which can be obtained in every Roxy Outlet..

OR purchase up to RM150 in store to get a free Tix!

The entrance is at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach Entrance which is next to MOS and Sunway Resort Hotel!

Gates will be open from 12.30pm - 3.00pm and the show starts at 2.00pm end at 6.00pm!

First 200 customers are entitle free door gifts, special promotion at Quiksilver Surfhouse and a chance to win prizes up to RM5000!!

So why not spend the RM20 for awesome deals and try out your luck?

Hurry up people! XD

And one last pix for the post:

Blur but I likey (with Alyaa) ~ XD

Nice day people...

One last thing, there's a video on Youtube about Roxy Model's diary..


- END -