Wednesday, March 23, 2011

...Everyone Can Cook...

SO..Thinking of something to eat?

Sick of outside food?

Lazy to go out da bao?

Why not try to cook at home?

Huh?Don't know how to cook?


Of course the very first thing you need to have is rice and a rice cooker...

Then a package of instant seasoning or ingredient...
Yes...this package of ingredient!

Which you can easily get it from any Daiso outlet in Malaysia...

I believe there's not only one flavour on the shelf, you can pick the one that you like...

Then, grab a small cup full of rice just like the picture shown above, and cook it...
(or you can have 1 and a 1/3 cup of rice if you prefer lighter taste)

Easy right?Wash them, cook them and seasoning them!

Just like how I did!

 See!!Now you can enjoy your rice quick and easy...Just like fastfood!

It's for 2 to 3 person use...

The taste is quite nice...

I prefer it mix with 1 and a 1/3 cup of rice because it might taste salty for your first try...

You can also mix it with some cooked potatoes or some cooked carrots if you like...

Or even mix an egg with the rice...Hmm...I can imagine how tasty it is alrd!!

It's pretty easy to DIY food that you like...

So why not try it out since it's so easy and to time efficient...

I called it Fast Food Rice! :D

- END -

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...H.I.S Birthday...'s his birthday...

I cooked that day to welcome him...LOL

But too bad I cut my finger, like very serious you know...

Because when I cut it, the blood was kinda splash on my face!LOL

Yea...not that exaggerative but almost there de la...XD

If I didn't cut my hand then this dinner can be perfect because these are the best dishes I've cooked so far...

I mean the taste...(SS+ing)!*Proud of myself*hahahahahaha! 

And when he reached, he bought cake and snacks...

I was like =.=// because I bought him cupcakes and snacks too...

FYI, his birthday is one week after mine, so he thought of celebrating together...

Whatever happens...the next day, we went to Genting....

And guess what, we donated some money to Mr. Lim...

LOL!Why don't let us win some money leh?

We're officially 21 and can legally walk in already, but then we lose money...


So, wondering what's his presents?

I bought him shoes and a photo album full with our photos...

Hopefully he like it...

And yes he did so do I...XD

Coz I used to buy things that I like to my birthday friend...

Also, this time, I'm able to give him a surprise already!!!Muahahahahaha!

Because he was like "used to" know what I'm thinking...

And everytime I wanted to give him a surprise he sure will know it before the surprise...

It was so DUH ~ ~

But this time, I successfully give him a big surprise eventho he reach Teluk Intan!!

Ngeak Ngeak Ngeak ~

Last, a very Happy Birthday (belated one) to my hubby!!xoxo!!

- END -

Thursday, March 17, 2011













Surprisingly 那个人不是老公哦!呵呵。。












刚才和Kee Ang去了Time Square逛街。。

















- 完 -

Monday, March 14, 2011

...My Pathetic Birthday...

How pathetic?As you can see...That was the brightest smile I can give when I'm blowing the candle!

Some more the cake is Mango Mousse, I SUPER DISLIKE Mousse cake!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really feels like crying at that moment you know!

Whose 21st birthday celebrate like that one?!?!?WTF!

After blowing cake then go to sleep!What happen to my life recently???

 What I want was celebrate with my friends!Dine with them and then go Sing K or chill at the bar or what so ever activity we can do!

But this...This is really pathetic!!!!Everytime I think of it my tears will just fall down from my eyes automatically!

They keep asking me what's wrong with me...

Can't you see what's wrong?It my 21st birthday!!HALLLO!It's 21st!!!

Not 18 19 or 20!!Is 21st ok!!!Haiz...

Did you celebrate your 21st bday like this???Walao!!

It's just too pathetic!!Pathetic until I can't describe it anymore!haiz...

The only thing I'm happy with is that I can meet my little cute niece...
This is their cousin sister...very cute too!
Before we go back to KL, we went to Jonker Walk, eat ice-kacang, then go back to KL...

I still expecting to shop in the mall or walk longer in the Jonker Walk!

Who knows apa pun tak ada!!

Still, they make me feel happy a little bit...

My birthday has never been so pathetic before!

My life is so horrible, terrible and indescribable!

Do you know all this made me so mood-less until now?

No cure unless I'm watching One Piece lo...



I just don't feel like talking!

Can somebody please make my wishes come true!

Please don't remind me about this cause I really will cry immediately!!

Unless you gonna give me a surprise or make a change about...T.T

It's too late to do so alrd right?I know...Just don't....I don't wanna cry!

I'm just thinking too much, I shouldn't dreamt about it at the very beginning becoz if I don't dream, I will not get disappointed!

No expect = No disappointment = No cry

- END -

Monday, March 7, 2011

...New Sem = New Life...

I've no idea what to say about my new sem?

It's just too boring!

Only one subject can grab my attention, which is Advertising...*I doubt*


F&I is such a fucking expensive subject!Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you!!

Because of you I need to spend RM150 to buy a financial calculator!WTF

During tutorial class some more got so many pro ka!I sure die 99 liao lo!!

Market Research is also a son of bitch!!The fucking textbook cost us RM100++

Still need us to use the latest edition, which means no second hand book for sale lo!WTF

I don't care!I'm gonna do the illegal thing alrd!

And Personal Selling, an ordinary lecture which can't pronounce Mascara properly!LMAO

Really what the fuck lo this sem!!

Anyway, now, I got time at home, I try to do my revision, but I fell asleep when I just started to revise my slides...

FML 99!!!

Such a good medicine to make me fall asleep when I'm in insomnia condition!

Something just went wrong maybe?

I also don't know what happen?

I'm not that outgoing anymore...

Didn't ask to go out here and there anymore...

My activity after school is just back to my home...

Pyramid is no longer my second home liao...I suppose...

And no more sing K no more crapping no more CC+ing...

Is this a good sign?Or a bad one?

Or I should just used to it because nothing last forever right?

Sometimes I just feel like shop alone, but I'm afraid there's no suggestion given when I spot something...


I also don't know what to say about my life?

Or I've already used to it?Being alone, missing something and someone every night...

Sometimes I just feel guilty, sorry, and even happy for NO REASON!

Should I consult a doctor?zzz

Same procedure everyday, ain't fun at all...SERIOUSLY!

Well, I'm not that tough as I thought...

*In the process of growing up*

By the way, my dentist say I can take out my braces anytime!Hooray ~ !!!


Is this a good news or a bad news?

See!See!I really got problem, mental problem!Walaoeh!!What's wrong wor?

I really don't know I should take it off or not?

I'm afraid that I will miss my braces after taking it off!

Or I think too much already?I should not care too much right?For anything?Cause nobody will care back one lo right?


Wait wait wait!

Should I be happy or not?I'm turning 21!OH NO!!I wanna stay at the age of 19 forever!Can I?


It's a Saturday, I know, how long I have to wait until my birthday falls on a Saturday?

I wish I can celebrate in a club or with my friends...But...Sigh...

I need to accompany my parents to Melacca...haiz...

Say wanna celebrate with me in Melacca, I don't think so lo...zzz

I really don't feel like going, can I don't go?

It's because of school holidays only you all wanna go meet my cute little nieces only lo correct?

I know one...Haiz...

I thought I will have a wonderful birthday celebration with all my beloved friends...

Are they still with me?Haiz...

Or even with my only hubby, I will also appreciate that...

But I know he can't make it cause he needs to work and can't take leave anymore...

Haiz...Whatever la...

Just let the river flows...

Tell myself I need to and I have used to it...


This sentence can totally describe my feeling now...

- END -

Thursday, March 3, 2011

...Ciao Ristorante...

It's my sister's birthday!And we went to Ciao Ristorante on 1st of March~

The food there are nice...

I won't add a very in front of nice because it's just not very nice but only nice...LOL!

I still prefer the mushroom soup in FullHouse! :)
Main Course

Time to blow the candle ~
Belgium Chocolate Ice-Cream cake!This is so so so delicious!!!

Seek around ~

Well, you can actually see that the decoration over there are very nice, special and glamour!

They provided wedding dinner service there as well...

You probably won't have a huge wedding dinner but a small yet classy wedding party there...

Unlike those wedding dinner in the restaurant, this is much more special...

If I marry a rich guy, I wanna make a wedding party there!LOL!!
Toilet mirror ~ XD

Pictures decoration

Pay bill...O.O

As you can see the gov. tax & service charges already exceed RM90++!*FAINT*

The wine there exy like hell!!Food as well...
Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my dear sis !

And thanks bro-in-law for the dinner treats ! :D

- END -