Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...Weh Weh Weeeee...

Oh yeah!

It's an Indian festival, which I don't know what it calls?LOL!!

I used to call it Weh Weh Long Long...

Yup!It has been a long time I did not go since I went to study in KL...

So precious and so memorable cause daddy used to bring me when I was a kid and now hubby used to be my companion for this event...XD

It's so crowded in Teluk Intan especially in the town!
I remember Teluk Intan don't have so many Indians one right?

I wonder where are they come from?All suddenly come out together and gather in one place...

And the street is all full with their smells...LOL
And yea...I was kinda late to reach there and I missed those action guys which got long iron bar cross over their back or mouth! ish!

When I reach there I can only see this... :(
And see so many coconut under my feet!
And I'm gonna go inside and pray ~

After praying hubby and me went to walk around...

I know he hates crowd a lot but thanks for being my companion! 

And I'm so obsess with this hand craft, or should I say hand art?
And of course not forget the bangles !!! leng leng long long leng leng long long!hahaha!
Some photos on the street!
These people are illegal sellers, when they heard the whistle sound, they ran super fast!!LOL
And TIT-BITS!!!!!
I wonder what food is that?So simple yet so tasty!RM1 only!!!

Gosh!I will miss that I guess!

And what some other food that I miss in Teluk Intan?

Here is it!

The fried Lou Shu Fun!
Fried Rice
And this Hakka Fried Meat!!OMG!!So delicious!!
If you're Teluk Intanians you'll know where to get these food for sure!!hahaha!

And mama's pumpkin kuih!!Gosh!!
SO tasty and very "laku"!haha!

This one week study break made me feels lazy...

I did not study at all...FML!

I really don't understand why am I so lazy?Duh...

And I don't even know what am I thinking?

Can somebody read me please?

I miss those old days which I'm with my dearies...

Chat with Sue until 4am in the morning...

Hang out with Ah Sun, Yen Yee, Chin Er, Michael, Chewing and Tsu Mien them...

And also not forgetting my first time BBQ on the beach with Sue, Allen, Miko, Sing Ee, Jason, Ginny, Jo Yi, Melanie, Ashley, and another guy name Kenny is it?LOL

I don't have the photos with me...

And I don't know why every photo I took with them are not appear on FB too...LOL

Upload please ~ ~ ~

Having fun with them on the beach and saw blue tears...

Hmm..I don't what is it, but now I know...

It's a bacteria that will shine in the water which is in blue colour...Cool right?I know...hahaha!

Ok la...I think I'm not able to write out my one week story in one post...

So stay tune...

- END -

Saturday, April 16, 2011

...Weekend + Holidays...

I have so so so much to tell today!

Happy and Anger!

Lets begin with the happy first! :D

Alright, start from my booties!

Yes yes yes!I did say my another parcel is gonna reach on Thursday and here they are!

The vintage ring
 The sporty wear
The casual
And the couple wear!!

Yes...This pink colour is mine...
...And this white colour is for him!

I like his one more than mine one ~ ~ :(
Ok ok...stop my booties sharing...

Lets guess where am I?
Can't get it?

One more try...

Still no?Or probably you alrd guess it correctly!

I'm in the PC fair!

PC fair is here again in KLCC Convention Centre from 15 April - 17 April!

So hurry up guys and girls to get your favourite gadgets there before it's too late!

Well, I took this photo below is because the staff who's helping the model to change their clothes is very very the skinny!

Just like the model inside the window!Gosh!

2 stupids are looking at it!LOL!
Sorry for calling you stupid stranger who's standing beside Wei Han...*peace*

And yup! I got my new pendrive and also bought one for hubby since he requested for one ~

This orange colour one is for him!
And mine......Of course is the sexiest one!XD
Yes!There she is!The hot pink colour is just too attractive for me...

You guys might think that it's not worth to buy a 4GB pendrive for RM40...

Cause my hubby's pendrive is RM45 and it's 8GB one...

But mine is so cute and so tiny!I like it!So what to do?

Plus!They're both waterproof and have a lifetime warranty!!

Just too bad that there's no galaxy blue for this...SIGH ~

Then...After KLCC PC fair, we went to Pyramid, (yes, again) to have our dinner!

So I think there's many benefits there to be a student huh?Don't you think so?

Now even the Manhattan Fish Market is having promotion for STUDENTS ONLY!!
It's seriously RM10 NETT for every student who dine in there...

You can pick any one of the five meals shown above for RM10 ONLY!!

And what's so great about it is that it comes with a BOTTOMLESS COKE!!

GOSH!!I can have it as my meal for a whole week since there's 5 different set meals for me to choose from!!

Guess what I did after dinner that?
Yes...I did it!LOL!!I participate in this competition!

Sorry to inform you guys late, this competition ended on 15 Apr...

But I did share it on my FB...

And I did not make up myself!I just join the competition like this!

I think I will not get into the finalist I guess...

Cause make up count... :(

But if I do please go and vote for me! :D thanks alot!!LOL

After treated MANGO as my own closet and room, (LOL), I went to buy a Chocolate drinks - Queen Rocks & Roll, then we go for movie!

And Nicole said that this fake decoration on the table is so turn off!

So I'm gonna give it a turn off face!XD
Ignore me if you hate it!LOL
Well...here are the two movies I watched recently!
 A comedy love story...

It's so funny and loving too...

But if possible you can just buy a DVD and watch it at home...

It's not worth to watch it in the cinema...

Then here is the next movie I just watched!
Oh great!It made me scream like a "siao za boh"!

Same goes with "Just Go With It"!

You can actually buy a DVD and watch it at home!

Cause for those who's not afraid of thriller movie, this is not for you...

And here are some movies I THINK it's worth to watch in the cinema!

Also movies that I wish to watch!!hehehe!

This two are the movies that I want my hubby to watch with me!!

Hopefully I can watch them!

So yea...Because of the MANGO shooting stuff and distraction from Kee Ang & Wei Han...

I did not go to the basketball training...I feel guilty...LMAO!!XD

Hmm...just one day...nvm la hoh?

It's good that I don't have to see that "lan jiao bin" for one day training!LOL

I really hate her to the max!CHEE BYE!!!

HELLO!!I play basketball since I'm standard 4 and I play quite a lot of competitions too!

I'm even a captain before ok??!?!

Just that it's been a while I didn't touch the ball and didn't play for competition doesn't mean I really forgot everything OK!!!

Also, I shut up and keep quiet doesn't mean that I don't know anything!!!

If I did anything wrong the coach or the captain will correct me!

But not you CHEE BYE POH!!

You wanna teach me how to play ball?Queue long long la!!PUKI!!PUI!!

I don't need your instruction lo sohai!!You're just simply annoying and disgusting!!!

You can't even shut up for 5 mins!

Or can you please just shut your mother fucker mouth up for just a minute for GOD SAKE!!



Sorry for ending up my post with such an angry voice tone!

But when I talk about basketball training I will think of her!

Then when I think of her I just feel like swearing!!FML!

She's making my life miserable!!!

You didn't come and distract me you cannot sleep at night ke?


OK OK!I think I had enough for this!

I'm angry!!Very angry I know!XD

So yea...forget about it!Duh ~

I blog about that just to express my emotion!TeeHee!!

And yup!That's all for today!!


- END -

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

...Shabu Shabu & ♥♥...

Went to Puchong for Shabu-Shabu with friends on Monday...

RM29net / person

You can eat until you vomit...

And some of the food there are really awesome!!
This is SUPERB!!

You can "refill" whenever you want!!Cool right?!?!
"Tong Sum" Egg...Yummy Yummy!!
 You can see we ate until the shop close...XD
And my soup is super tasty at the end...
Feel like dabao my soup back home...LOL!

Yup...this is the first time I eat Shabu-Shabu...

Don't say me "Sua Gu" altho I really am...XD

It's good that I have a wonderful first time...

After Shabu-Shabu got kidnap by Kee Ang and gangs to AmpSquare...

We sing until 3am...

That's the reason why I am headache and feeling dizzy and sleep for 13hours today...

Coz I sleep 8 hours only for 2 days! 

I really didn't mean to skip lecture today but I really feel dizzy mah...what to do?

I feel so guilty skip Advertising lecture!!SOB!

And since I finish using my lip balm from Forever...

Few days ago I bought myself a lip balm in Burt's Bees for RM18...
Actually a lip balm like this is enough for me to use up to a year...XD

I rarely use it unless my lips crack...

So I still need one la cause my lips will crack sometimes...LOL

I wanted to buy Forever one, but it's too bad that they only allow us to buy a dozen one...

So what to do?Find another option lo...

Forever lip balm don't have smell but this does...

It has a great berry's smell and I love it ♥...

It functions on my lips too...♥

And FML!I shopping alot recently...

In the mall and on the line...FML!!

This time I seriously run out of hanger in my cupboard d!DUH!!

This is my favourite!Acid wash skinny jeans!
 My first lace tank top...

And something that I got from my online shopping!

A pump heels...FINALLY!!I got one!!

I was kinda afraid to buy heels online cause you know...

Scare it's not fit...But luckily it fits me!!Ngam Ngam!!

Just my right foot is a little lose cause my right foot is smaller than my left foot!

And guess what?I can wear and walk with it comfortably...

I tot my feet will break wearing it...But it's not what I think!!Phew!!Thank God!!

I got something nice from the net!!XD 
 My first chiffon cloth...hehe 
 And this is so me!!XD

Yea...I really like those heels from Agape Boutique - online blogshop!


It's so affordable and nice!♥♥

GOSH!!I spot another 4 heels on that blogshop alrd!!FML!!

So yea...I think that's all for today...

Tomorrow my another parcel will reach my house again!!XD

Can't wait alrd...♥♥

Have a nice day peeppole!!!

- END -