Saturday, October 8, 2011

...End Of This, Beginning Of That...

So yea...

The Roxy Model Search 2011 has come to an end..

And I got the second place which consider as one of the consolation..

I wish that I could be on the cover of Seventeen Mag but too bad I couldn't make it..

But never mind, my passion in modelling will never end as long as I got the chances.. :D

So I'm up here to share my feelings with you all with these photos...

So yea when announcing the top 3 I feel so happy because I can get into top 3!

But you can see from my face that I'm more nervous than happy!LOL

Well I just keep looking down because I'm really stress..

My heartbeat beat like drum's rolling!
When it comes to this stage, which left two of us, I become more nervous and I'm shaking!

See the holding palms and weird face and you'll know!XD
And well at the end I'm not the grand prize winner..

So congrats to Cheryll Ho for becoming the Roxy Grand Prize winner for year 2011!

And also congrats to all the consolations model Alyaa, BuBu, Caryn and Letitia..

Once again some of our group photo..

Well I really enjoy throughout the whole process as I got to meet new friends and gain new experiences..

Meeting you girls considered as part of my life already..

So yea..wish that we could hang out once again all tgt someday..

And I have to thanks Roxy for giving me such a precious chance!

Also all the awesome prizes! Appreciate alot!

And give an applause for all of the models! :)

By the way, I also have to thanks my friends who's coming for the final

Yup the 4 of them!Thank you so much for being so "bei min"..hehehehe!

Also my sis and bro-in-law..

And my mental supporter from the Teluk Intan, Ipoh, Setiawan, UK and Australia! :D

Hopefully I didn't disappoint you all..

Lastly, I have to say I actually love this ring!XD

Also I got the chances to take photo with Amber Chia :)

And one last photo of me before I end this:

Good day people..

Tomorrow have to be prepared and fight for my basketball team!

Good show today and wish for a good game tomorrow!

You go girls and Good Night peeps! :)


- END -

Monday, October 3, 2011

...Up Again...

Hey Hi Yo Yippie Yay!

Yes I'm here again..LOL!

Like once a month?

Paiseh I really don't know how to update my blog now as in I don't wanna crap too much...

But I just feel like crapping to myself when I'm really bored..

So bear with me for a while..HEHE!

And...Wassup people?LOL!

Am here to update the Roxy diary..

Yeap...I've been through the surfing lesson at Sunway Lagoon and guess what..

It's so A to the WE and the SOME!Yes...AWESOME!!

I really have fun there and it's emerging a deep feeling on me in learning surfing..

Seriously, I'm wondering how much is it to learn how to surf in Lagoon?

You people should have go and try it out!

Well, just let the pix talk, but there's not much pix taken as we're enjoying our lesson! :D

Yea got bruises on my arm and thigh..

Not only me, most of us got injured.. :(

Don't ask why I'm the only one with bikini because I've given my rashie to Ellysha..

Not enough rashie for yup..

Then following weeks is the posing lesson and photoshoot week..

Our catwalk guru Benjamin Toong..

And photoshoot in Sunway Lagoon..

All dolled up like a hot chicks..

And these are the 5 bikini chicks! (included me!)XD
Oh well my name always got spell wrong..It's Veeiean ~ gah...Nvm ~

And other smoking hot chicks who dressed in different theme.. ;D

FYI, the final is on the 8th of October 2011 which is this coming Saturday!

Anyone of you are welcome to attend the final.. :)

RM20/Tix which can be obtained in every Roxy Outlet..

OR purchase up to RM150 in store to get a free Tix!

The entrance is at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach Entrance which is next to MOS and Sunway Resort Hotel!

Gates will be open from 12.30pm - 3.00pm and the show starts at 2.00pm end at 6.00pm!

First 200 customers are entitle free door gifts, special promotion at Quiksilver Surfhouse and a chance to win prizes up to RM5000!!

So why not spend the RM20 for awesome deals and try out your luck?

Hurry up people! XD

And one last pix for the post:

Blur but I likey (with Alyaa) ~ XD

Nice day people...

One last thing, there's a video on Youtube about Roxy Model's diary..


- END -

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

...Colour My LIfe...


What a fully utilized raya break..

How ya'll spend your break people out there?

Hopefully ya'll had a great time too!

Yea..went to JB and Singapore with my friends..

Have fun and I got tanned there!

Blame it on the beautiful tempting beach!

Who doesn't love beach?!?
And look at the water..awwh..I miss the beach alrd..

That's the reason why I become like this:
Yea I'm kinda tan right now and got serious sun burn..whoaps..

But still I love beach!I'm lovin' it!

A little mess up photo on the beach with my babe:

Next come to this.. 
Yeap I went for a host interview in 8TV last month..

And today they call but too bad I missed the call!

I'm so depress now!I tried to call back but no one is answering the phone..SOB!

Haih..Nvm bah..

Like what hubby told me: 顺其自然吧..

But I really hope to experience different things in my life weh..SIGH!

Alright..Enough for sobbing..

Now come to this:
Yea..I'm so happy to participate in this model search as there'll be lots of fun and exciting activities coming up every week..

No matter how the results be, the most important thing is I enjoy the process and I got to make friends! :D

For more photo and info about this roxy model search, click HERE and HERE for lastest update! ;p

Last but no least:
Yea I know right..

What a BIG transform!

I'm still not used to it but I love it!

Just finish walking on Loreal Hair Show this afternoon in G-Tower Hotel..

Actually this is the first model job I've ever got before..

I mean I got paid!I'm so happy!

As in I get to experience how the model line looks like..

And get to meet professional people..

Here are some photos that you might enjoy:

With Nina, new friend.. :D
There's a lot of them but...Hees...don't have the chances to take photo with all of them!

With the models and hair stylists..

Models, Stylists and Technicians..
 Thanks for all the technicians as they help us a lot..

Donna (Hopefully I did not misspell her name), don't you feel that our hair look alike?LOL 

Damian, the one who cut my hair!And I really love it!

With the professional models!They're so So SO TALL!!
They are so pro in walking as they teach us how to pose and walk and the finale and everything la..

Memang professional, hopefully I'll look like them one day..

But I'm too short d wey.. :(

Aiks..Ok ok..I know too much of complaining..

And here comes to an end for my post..


I really have to say thank you all for this great opportunities! <3

Good day people and cheers!

- END -

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

...Complaint Letter...

BEWARE: This is a very BORING post that I'm trying to complaint about my recent life. Think twice before you read this. I just need some where to release my stress. Forgive me :)

Dear God,

   Can I know why am I so unlucky recently?Can I know where is my luck? I want my luck back please. Don't treat me like this, I know I've been swearing a lot but I did nothing wrong. I didn't kill people, I didn't steal, I didn't rape, why you wanted to treat me like this?

Sincere, Me

It's been a long time I didn't write a post complain about this and that..

Yea..This is life..I'm very sad with my life recently..

My life is full with stress now!

Seriously, I've been spent RM2000+ on my car..

But luckily that amount is covered by daddy..heeesss..

I just wish that  I have another RM2000 to change my car a new colour..

So that all the scratches can be covered up.. T T

Forget about past few unlucky days, talk about the most recent one..

Which is my car got driven by a friend who has lousy driving skill name CK Phur, Phur Chee Keat!

Yes I mean you!!YOU YOU YOU!!! Are you drunk on that night?

I believe you didn't even plan to tell me about that if I didn't find out my  car side mirror's cover dropped off!

And you scratch my car some more!! Now I have spent RM100 on that cover and RM80+  to go & polish my car!

Does anyone knows where can I polish that scratch part only? I don't wanna polish the whole car.. T T

I don't know how to polish it myself.. T T

I treasure my car like my life because he brings me here & there!

I really appreciate that I have a car which allows me to go anywhere any time..

But, I just feel very sad driving my Xiao Zuki when he's in a very poor condition..

Why la why?Tell me why..

And anyone know where to adjust the car timing around KL or Teluk Intan area?

My car timing is very low after my car's engine got wet by the stupid tinted shop!


Don't talk about it anymore!!

The stupid tinted shop!!Don't ever go there people!!

It's in Teluk Intan opposite Restaurant Sze Chuan, the last tinted shop, NOT the one in the middle one..



They have lousy worker with lousy skills, irresponsible attitude & lousy brain!!

I'm so depressed now...Seriously...I wanna cry!!

And today I had a severe headache!

I never experience such a headache before..

And this is the first time!

Perhaps I have too much problems I have to face now..

When driving home I merely crash on a BMW!

Because he suddenly cut out from his lane!

Seriously, what luck am I having now?

"Gao Sai Woon" T T

- END -

Thursday, July 28, 2011

...Brief Penang Trip...

Hey ya'll! How day?

Went to Penang for a 1 day trip last week..

Before you start, be prepare to face a lot of photos..

Here are something that I'm gonna share:

Breakfast in TI before we head to Penang..

This can only be found in my lovely hometown Teluk Intan!Yum Yum!

After breakfast, start our trip..

And when you see this, you know you're about to reach the town!

First destination, Penang Hill..

Honestly, this is the first time I went up there.. 
I pity those traveller because it cost them RM30 to went up there..

But if you're a M'sian the train tix cost you RM8 only..

What a big difference..

And remember, if you're a M'sian with a student ID, show it at the tix purchase counter to get a 50% discount!

Going up...up...up...
It's just a 5 mins routine for the train to get up there, pretty fast..

So below are something that I capture when I'm up in Penang Hill..

Indian temple

Abang adik arguing..LOL

So yea..after some walks, we've came to this little cottage..

Or I should say restaurant..

It's tea time, so we had a little food there..

Uhhmm..Frankly speaking, the food there just so so and they cost a boom..

This tea time cost us RM60. What do you think?

But it's really a nice place to have your tea time..Lovely environment with soft wind..

So yea we went back to our hotel, take a rest and head to Autocity, Juru..
It's just a 30mins journey from Penang to Autocity..
There's a lot of bazaar and restaurant in this place..

A really nice place to have your dinner or lunch..
Meeting his old friends where currently in Taiping..

After the dinner, we head back to Gurney, Penang..

Quite a lot of photos taken there..So ah..enjoy yourself..

And we saw people selling this pet, is it a hamster or what?

I don't know?But it cost RM400++!Yea crazy I know..
And we found out that there's a rojak stall selling AWESOME rojak!!!

Must try babeh!!MUST TRY!!
It's G.P.Soon Rojak, stall #39!

The best rojak I've ever had!!

And it's still opening even it's 2am in the morning..

You can had ur supper there although it's a bit weird for having rojak as supper..LOL

Last but not least, the most epic of the post!
Tah Daaahhh!!

You will know how tasty the rojak is from his face!LOL!

- END -