Thursday, January 19, 2012

...1st Post Of The Year...

OH Hello people..!

It's been a while I abandon my blog..XD

I know I'm being lazy all the time but hey look I'm updating it again..

Erm..Actually I've nothing much to talk about..

Just to make sure you guys keep watching 8TV every Saturday because I might appear on the show called "Wonder Explorer"! XD

I know now mostly everyone have Astro but sokong lah sikit..hahaha *shy*

Just one day of every week, Saturday, 6pm @ 8TV!Remember peeps!hehe..

And erm..Yupp..Nothing much..I don't wanna talk much cause nothing much to talk about..

Sometimes I just feel that life's better without relationship..

You see, life's complicated..With relationship it becomes messy..

And people, just to tell you that not to promise anything if you can't do it..

Really, this will only make people become disappointed and lastly become hopeless..

That's why it's well said that "Promises are meant to be broken"..

I totally agree with that..It's so true..

Oh ya people, nothing last forever k?

Human will die you see, so nothing last forever..

Although I said so, do precious the people you love and people that love you..

Because you only live once, but if you live your life perfectly, once is more than enough..

And yeap forget about those emo-ness..

Our family have grown bigger!!!!hahaha!!

2 new born babies last year..

My 4th and 5th sis have delivered 2 beautiful and handsome babies to this world and to our family!!
Left hand side on the top is my 5th sis lil princess and right hand side on the top is my 4th lil prince..

Well the bottom two is my lil nieces.. :D

I know every new born baby look like the same but wait till them grow up k?XD

I'll upload more..hehe..

And life's dead without party..

Been party real hard lately and recently I've went to Zouk with my loves one..
 And my new friend Edward! :D

Like what Yen Yee said, I finally UpDEAD my blog!LOL!!

And this is the recent me..I'm good I'm good..No worries ok..
I'll stay strong!YEs I'm STRONG!!Hmmmmm...

OH YA!I seriously need somebody to help me re-design my blog design..

Hmm..BABE SUE!!!!!!HELP ME!!!!!HEeee....

- END -