Saturday, September 1, 2012

...I Remember...

It's been so long since I last update my little blog here...
My August is being a son of bitch...
I wish my following days will be nice to me...
Your deceased were such a sudden and sad case...

To be honest I still can't really accept that you're gone...
Everyday I woke up, I have to tell myself that you're gone...
Convincing myself that this person is no longer exist in this world...
It's hard...
But yea I'm getting better everyday...
School, assignments, party, basketball, swimming, families and friends, they all keep me living...
I really appreciate that...
And deep in my heart, I'm still angry of you, for not listening to me...
Let me found out that you're cheating on me while giving me hope...
But I've done all I can do for you, and you're no longer here...
So I've wear back the ring that you gave me, as I promised, because you're forgiven...

If possible, I wish I could write our stories into a novel, or make it into a short film or movies...
Because we've been through so many...So many...So so many...
Yea...IF possible...LOL! Funny heh? 
People might look you as a bad guy, but I know you're a kind-hearted person...
This is one of the reasons why I will stick with you for 6 years...

There's no regrets for being your girlfriend for 6 years...
Although we already broke up for 6 months, we still keep in touch...
Yea...True that when the time we broke up I did say I've wasted my entire 6 years of teenage life on you...
That's because I'm angry...Heh...
Now everything is over...
Yea yea I'm getting back up...
I have to be tough, although sometimes it's hard...
Yes I'm still me, the bubbly happy girl which you can always see me with a smile on my face!
Don't worry about me ok?
Just give me a little more time I'll be all right...Yes I mean all...
Now only 'half right'...Heh... :)

And soon after you've left, I found out this song...
A Korean song that represent my feelings, after you've gone...
I wish I can sing it...
Ok I'm on my way learning how to sing the chorus...
Hope you get it from me, in Heaven...R.I.P

Here's the English lyrics:
I don’t know why I still remember,
All our memories that were like a living hell.
I’ll remember our past. You were playing around with me.
Thanks to you, everything’s changed for me.
The side of me that used to be able to laugh, doesn’t exist anymore.
Love is a joke to me now; my crushed heart.
I tried everything to forget you,
I became better before anyone else.
I hoped that you would regret it all when you saw me.
Yeah, all of my music that you ignored,
Will be blasting on the streets of Seoul. (Rock on)
Our old habits are holding onto us,
You’re often unconsciously falling into a nightmare-like world.
But still, because I was in love with you,
I won’t ever forget you. Yes, I remember.
Even if I close my eyes, I still see us.
There’s still a light there.
I’ll deeply retain the times we had together.
Even if pain comes over time,
The promise I made for the rest of my life,
I won’t ever forget that moment until the end.
I Remember
I Don’t Know What You’ve Done to me
Just Like That
Forget it. I won’t deal with love. I came back, yeah.
Throw it all away. I don’t need it anymore.
Now, I can finally sleep without you around.
There’s a spotlight lit in your empty space.
I don’t believe in the significance of the dream I dreamed.
I’m going crazy in the reality of being thrown away.
I’m hot stuff. People like you want to go out with you,
The scars you get from pleading; I’ll live my life in a corrupt way.
Even long after our farewell,
In the end, all I had left was the promise we made, which doesn’t exist now.
That was often the reason to why I’m where I am now.
I let that day slip through my hands,
Don’t ever look at me again.
I’ll believe that you feel the same way I do.
I won’t ever forget. Yes, I remember.
Even if I close my eyes, I still see us.
There’s still a light there.
I’ll deeply retain the times we had together.
Even if pain comes over time,
The promise I made for the rest of my life,
I won’t ever forget that moment until the end.
I Remember
Making a promise together,
Forever (I’ll keep it here)
Even if I have to walk this road alone, temporarily,
I’ll show you everything I’ve got.
Even if I close my eyes, I still see us.
There’s still a light there.
I’ll deeply retain the times we had together.
Even if pain comes over time,
The promise I made for the rest of my life,
I won’t ever forget that moment until the end.
I Remember

Friday, June 29, 2012

...Are You Brave...

Hey peeps!How's day?

Yeap I just finished my final and it's not good... :(

My sixth sense told me I'm gonna fail another sub again...

What to do I'm just not good in Finance...

Well FYI I'm major in Marketing and minor PR, but due to the lack of subs I have no choice I have to take some of the Finance subs...Le sigh...

I failed Finance&Investment now another Macro... :(

Just bless me I'm not gonna fail coz I'm not brave enough to take this! :((

SO yea I have to thank you Nuffnang for giving me a pair of Brave premier screening movies tix!!
This is really the first time I won something online!

Like I'm really bad in luck..kind of..Never really win something in my life!

And I'm really happy I have to say!!And it's another Disney Pixar!!

FYI I love cartoons!!!!A LOT!!

People said it's kinda waste to watch cartoon in a cinema but as for me I don't think so cause you know what, cartoons are better than some of the movies...

At least better than Twilight!LOL!Sorry Twilight fans!XD

So Brave is now showing in cinema you people must pay a visit for this movies!

It's not another fairytale story but a story about family love!

It's really touching and there are 3 little cute characters inside which is super adorable and naughty too!hahaha!

The story line is great and this kinda reminds me of another awesome cartoon How To Train Your Dragon!

Well not too much story telling here, wanna know more?Watch it yourself!TeeHee!!
And here's a photo of me with the big poster!HAHA!!

My pants is so matching with the background of the poster...LOL!

I bumped into Emelia too...Erm..not bump, she's working with Nuffnang that's why she's there!LOL!!

And weeks ago I went to a don't know what sherbet thing?LOL!!

I don't really know what's that actually..
Until I reach the place..haha!

Well yea anyway didn't win anything but got a chance to take photo with JJ and Ean and Arnold..
And I have to say sorry for being really cincai coz I'm super tired and sleepy that day and I'm havaing exam on the next day..

Anyway congrats to all the girls who's wining and all the best in the filming..

Last but not least, a photo of me myself!LOL
Good day peeps!

Only have 1 month of sem break and I don't think it's enough tho... :/

And sobbing now coz I'm not able to graduate by end of this year already...SIGH!!

But life still goes on..BUt but but...

Just left me alone and emo for sometimes will do... >.<

But remember to enjoy your day peeps!

TGIF and party rocks peeps!

- END - 

Friday, June 15, 2012


It's been a while..Hi again peeps..Updating a lil bit of my life with you guys now..Hees
Seeing these wedding dress perhaps you can guess what's gonna happen..

Yup..My very last sis, getting marry soon..

And I've went to help her with her wedding gown in Star East Wedding few weeks ago..

Couldn't make it with her to Penang for her wedding shooting cause mum's coming up to KL at that time..So that's all the photo I can share..XD

And what's more?There's a mall near by my place, yes yes I mean Setia City Mall, it's now open!!

Just few meters away from my house..

And there's quite a lot of restaurant inside it..

Delicious, Full-House, TGI Friday's, Manhattan Fish Market, BBQ Plaza, Khao, Subway, Wong Kok, Porridge Time, Chatime, Gong Cha, Rotiboy, Carl's Junior and etc...

There's GSC too!

But for retail shops, I'm kinda sad that there's no Forever21, Topshop/Topman..

And to be honest, it's not a very BIG mall like 1U or MidValley or Pyramid..

But it's enough for you to shop till drop I guess..

There's Parkson, Niichi, Cotton On, Converse, Nike, Adidas, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C., LaSenza, Zara, MNG, MPH, Brands Outlet, F.O.S, Petsmore, and etc..

And I realized there's one shop selling various brands of shoes with reasonable price..

Forgot what's it name but it located just beside Converse...

I've been visiting SCM quite often..To spend time..Yea..
There's a pretty view and pretty colourful water fountain during night time..
 TGI Friday's

TGI's menu is like not complete yet in SCM but soon will be completed coz it just opened..

I have to say it's my first visit and the food there is awesome!!Love it!!
Gelato Fruity

Oreo, melon and dragon fruit flavor!Amazingly slurps!

And there's more..Yea you people should've visit and explore this place!

I've also recently get myself a pair of specs in Milano Eyes Fashion..
There's an opening sales so yea quickly go get myself one since my specs are all getting from the night market and it spoilt easily...

Now I can wear my Super Flex (Korea brand) for a looooooong time...

Like it's really super duper flexible cause you can bend it and it's still not broken...

Actually I spotted Viktor & Rolf but it's shooooooo exy till I can die!

So yea I rather pay more to get one with better quality than pay for a brand only...

This one also not bad mah..what do you think?XD

FYI, I hate purple colour, and this is NOT PURPLE colour OK!?

It's something like brown maroon..idk what colour is that but IT'S NOT PURPLE!!!

And recently I've went to a seminar hair show again, yes..But this is Redken..

I wonder when I'm going bald...

Should've eat healthy for my hair sake..LOL

I did research for food that could help in growing hair & for healthy hair too..haha!

Eggs, salmon, walnuts, bean, fish, soya, poultry, carrots are some that I know could help..hehe!

Oh ya and this is how my hair looks like...
Not much different compare with last one..

It's just a simple cut and dye and it's getting shorter..That's it!

And if you wonder how my hair looks like in my last hair seminar, it should be like this:
Yea it's so hurtful!I mean my hair scalp..

That's why it needs nutrients!

And yea..below is my hair stylist for this Redken seminar hair show..
And I think she's pregnant..Idk?I heard people there talk about it..

If yes..Congrats then! :D

So yea..My first day of exam is next Tuesday!But I'm still like lengan-lengan kat sini!

Zzz...I wanted to study but my study mode only on at night...What to do?Sigh..Big big sigh!!

And I just hope that I won't fail my Macroeconomics!

Anyone willing to teach me Macro please?I'm so dead in Macro!T.T

And now I'm craving for Melacca nyonya food!Help me please!T.T

What's wrong with me I really don't know?I'm simply a weirdo! =.=

Anyway, I'm doing good..
Just a little emo and stress for the coming exam! >.<

Oh ya..talking about movies!Few weeks back Emelia bring to the Snow White and The Huntsman premier screening..
FYI that's the first time I go for premier..LOL!Kampung much..

Anyway Kristen Stewart's expressions are all the same...Like seriously...

The evil step-mother Chalize Theron is super duper hawt babeh!

And Chris Hemsworth is also another hawt babeh! *Slurps*

In short, the story line is ok la..Not much surprise.. 

And I think that's about it for today...

Should off and study mode ON!

Good night peeps

- END -

Monday, May 21, 2012

....Just a Late Night post...

Well hello night owls...

It's a late night post cause I feel like writing something at this hour...

And yup perhaps the Roxy competition thingy has come to an end, at least for me..LOL

A big applause to all of the Roxy girls and congrats to Natasha for winning the first prize!

She's successfully get into the final competition to compete for the Roxy ambassador. 

All the best to her!! xoxo

And the below post is about some random shits...

YOU CAN IGNORE IT if you wanted to...

And well me?What about me now?I'm kinda lost actually...

It's all about assignments recently...

I can hide myself in the house, not even stepping out the door, for 4 days...

What do you think?I feel like I'm such a homie now!LOL!

Anyway, I think people will always be indecisive when making choices...

Yea...That's me...Indecisive...ALWAYs...

I hate stuck in between sometimes...I don't know what to do?Helpless perhaps...

People who know me will know I'm a crazy, funny, wild, weird and hyperactive women!

But I'm human too...I'll come across with harsh moment too...

Now I'm lost...I feel like I'm too old for achieving what I want now...

Well, not to say too old, it's just that what I want has a limit for the age range...

Anything la...Forget about it...Just some random ranting...

You should feel lucky because you're not following me on twitter cause I talk to myself alot and rant even more over there...LOL!

That's why I lock it up because I only allow certain people to read what I've ranted..XD

And I just don't know why? I've watched The Notebook recently and I realise it's a story based on a real life story...
I wonder will that happen on me?

I always believe, if it's yours, no matter how long or how far both are separated, it will comes back one day...

This is what the story is trying to tell I suppose...That's why I cried like a baby when watching this movies because it brought back lots of memories in my mind...

Ah...forget about it...I should sleep now actually...

Just that I screw up my body clock again and I can't fall asleep now...

So I decided to blog...

And yup...I screw up my specs again...

My lovely specs...
I bought the frame in Pasar Malam and make the glasses in an optical store...

I've tried to fix it, but no matter how many times I've tried, it's still broken...

Fine then...Now I think of finding a proper specs that I can wear for a long time...

Those I bought in night market break easily...

Sigh...Money crisis...

Anyone willing to donate me some money??XD XD nah joking!XD

I just wish that money can drop down from the sky, that's all...hahahaha!!XD

It's been too long I didn't buy any specs in optical shop, so I was shock when I look at the price!

Geez...fine...this cruelty world...Such a reality...I can't accept!! >.<

Lalalalala fine I'll find out a way to get you..Maybe?XD

Now I have to wear it with cellophane tape...Pathetic...

So yea I've been looking at this photo for sometimes...
Both are hurt...But who hurts more??

Anyway...Life still goes on...

If it's meant to be, it'll come back...

Not to say it's stupid but I really believe in fate...

Now the feeling is gone...

I think it'll take a long time to recover...

Or perhaps it'll never recover from the pain...

And suddenly I realise it's 520 yesterday and we never celebrate this day before in our past 6 years relationship...

Or I should say I never realise this day before until yesterday...LOL

Sigh...Whatever it's not important anymore...

Who cares now like seriously?

Bah...I don't know what I'm talking about...

As I've mentioned above, you can ignore me...

But when I'm blanked out I'll think of some stupid shits like this:



LOL!!If only you can understand..

But one punctuation can ruin everything, if you realise...

Well fine I really should get some sleep now it's 4am...

Gah.....I miss my friends and family and babies and nephew and nieces...

It'll be perfect if I have a lover to miss now...LOL!

I wanna shopping too!!!Setia City Mall has opened few days ago and it's just few hundred metres away from my house!!!

But I don't feel like spend money... :/


But I seriously need a new specs NOW!!Like fucking serious!!! >.<


Good day peeps...

Don't forget to wear a smile on your face today!

- END - 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

...A Bit of This And That...

SO whatchu up to peeps?

It's been a while and I'm really stress out by all these assignments!

One to pass up every week!

What to do?

And the fashion show few weeks ago was fine!

Not sure is any of my friends were going but if there is, thanks for coming then :)

Pictures?Nah..I'm walking on the stage, no pix for this...

Sorry peeps but all can visit HERE to enjoy all the photos..

I know y'all love pix..

Not forgetting to vote for your favourite Roxy girls too!

And here is THE LINK to vote for me!

By clicking that link it'll also lead you to other girls' page as well..

SO yea y'all can actually browse thru all the girls and vote for the one that you like..

You can even vote everyday, IF you're able to...LOL!

But all you need to do now is click the link, click the vote button and share it out for me!

Thank you for making me a happy girl! Teehee ~

And later on we Roxy girls are going to attend the launch of Hanger Srping & Summer 2012 at Ecoba Al Fresco!

Meet your favourite Roxy girl there if you're free! :)

As I'll be there as well..

Although I'm headache with my loads of assignments, and don't really know the way to the place, I'll still try my best to make myself there la...

It's alright to sneak out to have some fun I guess...

But I've been slacking for quite sometimes d... >.<

Ish I hate slacking!!How to chase this laziness away actually??Ugghhh...

Well anyway, have you watch our Roxy video yet?No?You should go watch it now!

Don't know where to watch it?No worries!Here is it!

And guess what?

I cut my hair and now I can actually style it up like this:

What do you think?

I think I look like a handsome boy now...LOL

Well my attitude is like a small guy la....

But I still can't believe that until now, there's  people in campus that still can recognise me that I'm the one that appeared on 8TV for hosting a show called "Wonder Explorer" before!

I mean I'm with my white hair that time and it's like 3 months ago d.. >.<

And I was like almost didn't mention it anywhere except my Twitter..

Well if you're wondering, here's the photo of my & the host:

But I look so darn ugly when the advertisement of this show appeared on the newspaper..

I think you now still can actually go and watch the show on

If I'm not mistaken this is the LINK!

Well one of my friends tag me on FB and I got it from there..

Too bad I need to log in to watch it again...

I think you guys need to do that as well..

Anyway gotta leave now!Leaving to the Hanger event...

Enjoy your weekends peeps!

And don't forget to vote for me ya peeps...

Here's the link again!!I really need your vote!! :)


Appreciate much XOXO!

- END -

Saturday, April 21, 2012

...We Shoot, We Surf, We have Fun...

Hey ya'll I'm back again!Like finalleeh ~ Haha!

Abandon my blog for 3 months and now it's time to revive it!

Yeap yeap I got into the Roxy contest!

So happy to have the opportunity to be part of Roxy again :D

And well I went thru all the things like what I've done last time...
We shoot, we learn to walk and we surf!

But this time it's a lil bit different.

Instead of surfing, we do flowrider!

OK lets skip the crapping part I'll show you guys PHOTOs!!

We all love photos, correct? Hees....

Lets begin with some warm up first! :D
Alright done haha! Can't wait to flowriding! Lets begin! :D
Well you guys can actually visit Roxy Facebook Page for more photos!

And we can't avoid accident to happen! XD Ignore my epic face expression! LOL
Yup we had fun!
Perhaps I should also show you guys some stunt and professional flowrider!
This is what we call pro ~ I wish I can do that too but...I think I can...Just need MORE practice...Haha!!

Well not much injuries this time because I can still remember last time when we learn to surf, a lot of girls got injured, included me, I got bruises! You can actually find it out in my past blog post.. :)

We play safe this time! :D It's a good thing for us tho..

Yet it's still very fun to flowriding!

But for me I prefer surfing more than this because it's more challenging and more fun to surf.. :D

And what's more? We went to Zebra Square to shoot our video and photo as well! :D

There's so much photos and I really have no idea where should I start from?

You guys can actually find out all the candid and pretty photos HERE and HERE and HERE!

Ya'll can get to know more of the other finalist from the photo too! :D

Well of course I have some of my photos to share with ya'll too..

But it's just a wrap up, hope you don't mind.. :)

Enjoy ~
Each of us got a polariod photo of our own too..

So excited and happy coz I could rarely get this kind of cute thing!! Hees...

And thanks to the sponsors UMobile and Snips for the awesome goodies and make up!
There're more to go people..:)

OH YA! One more thing! 
Tomorrow, 22nd of Apr 2012, there'll be a fashion show in MidValley@Centre Court...

I'll be running on the stage with Roxy attire at 5.30pm sharp!!

Don't forget to be there and support me ya people!

See ya'll there! XOXO


- END -

Thursday, January 19, 2012

...1st Post Of The Year...

OH Hello people..!

It's been a while I abandon my blog..XD

I know I'm being lazy all the time but hey look I'm updating it again..

Erm..Actually I've nothing much to talk about..

Just to make sure you guys keep watching 8TV every Saturday because I might appear on the show called "Wonder Explorer"! XD

I know now mostly everyone have Astro but sokong lah sikit..hahaha *shy*

Just one day of every week, Saturday, 6pm @ 8TV!Remember peeps!hehe..

And erm..Yupp..Nothing much..I don't wanna talk much cause nothing much to talk about..

Sometimes I just feel that life's better without relationship..

You see, life's complicated..With relationship it becomes messy..

And people, just to tell you that not to promise anything if you can't do it..

Really, this will only make people become disappointed and lastly become hopeless..

That's why it's well said that "Promises are meant to be broken"..

I totally agree with that..It's so true..

Oh ya people, nothing last forever k?

Human will die you see, so nothing last forever..

Although I said so, do precious the people you love and people that love you..

Because you only live once, but if you live your life perfectly, once is more than enough..

And yeap forget about those emo-ness..

Our family have grown bigger!!!!hahaha!!

2 new born babies last year..

My 4th and 5th sis have delivered 2 beautiful and handsome babies to this world and to our family!!
Left hand side on the top is my 5th sis lil princess and right hand side on the top is my 4th lil prince..

Well the bottom two is my lil nieces.. :D

I know every new born baby look like the same but wait till them grow up k?XD

I'll upload more..hehe..

And life's dead without party..

Been party real hard lately and recently I've went to Zouk with my loves one..
 And my new friend Edward! :D

Like what Yen Yee said, I finally UpDEAD my blog!LOL!!

And this is the recent me..I'm good I'm good..No worries ok..
I'll stay strong!YEs I'm STRONG!!Hmmmmm...

OH YA!I seriously need somebody to help me re-design my blog design..

Hmm..BABE SUE!!!!!!HELP ME!!!!!HEeee....

- END -