Saturday, May 5, 2012

...A Bit of This And That...

SO whatchu up to peeps?

It's been a while and I'm really stress out by all these assignments!

One to pass up every week!

What to do?

And the fashion show few weeks ago was fine!

Not sure is any of my friends were going but if there is, thanks for coming then :)

Pictures?Nah..I'm walking on the stage, no pix for this...

Sorry peeps but all can visit HERE to enjoy all the photos..

I know y'all love pix..

Not forgetting to vote for your favourite Roxy girls too!

And here is THE LINK to vote for me!

By clicking that link it'll also lead you to other girls' page as well..

SO yea y'all can actually browse thru all the girls and vote for the one that you like..

You can even vote everyday, IF you're able to...LOL!

But all you need to do now is click the link, click the vote button and share it out for me!

Thank you for making me a happy girl! Teehee ~

And later on we Roxy girls are going to attend the launch of Hanger Srping & Summer 2012 at Ecoba Al Fresco!

Meet your favourite Roxy girl there if you're free! :)

As I'll be there as well..

Although I'm headache with my loads of assignments, and don't really know the way to the place, I'll still try my best to make myself there la...

It's alright to sneak out to have some fun I guess...

But I've been slacking for quite sometimes d... >.<

Ish I hate slacking!!How to chase this laziness away actually??Ugghhh...

Well anyway, have you watch our Roxy video yet?No?You should go watch it now!

Don't know where to watch it?No worries!Here is it!

And guess what?

I cut my hair and now I can actually style it up like this:

What do you think?

I think I look like a handsome boy now...LOL

Well my attitude is like a small guy la....

But I still can't believe that until now, there's  people in campus that still can recognise me that I'm the one that appeared on 8TV for hosting a show called "Wonder Explorer" before!

I mean I'm with my white hair that time and it's like 3 months ago d.. >.<

And I was like almost didn't mention it anywhere except my Twitter..

Well if you're wondering, here's the photo of my & the host:

But I look so darn ugly when the advertisement of this show appeared on the newspaper..

I think you now still can actually go and watch the show on

If I'm not mistaken this is the LINK!

Well one of my friends tag me on FB and I got it from there..

Too bad I need to log in to watch it again...

I think you guys need to do that as well..

Anyway gotta leave now!Leaving to the Hanger event...

Enjoy your weekends peeps!

And don't forget to vote for me ya peeps...

Here's the link again!!I really need your vote!! :)


Appreciate much XOXO!

- END -