Saturday, April 21, 2012

...We Shoot, We Surf, We have Fun...

Hey ya'll I'm back again!Like finalleeh ~ Haha!

Abandon my blog for 3 months and now it's time to revive it!

Yeap yeap I got into the Roxy contest!

So happy to have the opportunity to be part of Roxy again :D

And well I went thru all the things like what I've done last time...
We shoot, we learn to walk and we surf!

But this time it's a lil bit different.

Instead of surfing, we do flowrider!

OK lets skip the crapping part I'll show you guys PHOTOs!!

We all love photos, correct? Hees....

Lets begin with some warm up first! :D
Alright done haha! Can't wait to flowriding! Lets begin! :D
Well you guys can actually visit Roxy Facebook Page for more photos!

And we can't avoid accident to happen! XD Ignore my epic face expression! LOL
Yup we had fun!
Perhaps I should also show you guys some stunt and professional flowrider!
This is what we call pro ~ I wish I can do that too but...I think I can...Just need MORE practice...Haha!!

Well not much injuries this time because I can still remember last time when we learn to surf, a lot of girls got injured, included me, I got bruises! You can actually find it out in my past blog post.. :)

We play safe this time! :D It's a good thing for us tho..

Yet it's still very fun to flowriding!

But for me I prefer surfing more than this because it's more challenging and more fun to surf.. :D

And what's more? We went to Zebra Square to shoot our video and photo as well! :D

There's so much photos and I really have no idea where should I start from?

You guys can actually find out all the candid and pretty photos HERE and HERE and HERE!

Ya'll can get to know more of the other finalist from the photo too! :D

Well of course I have some of my photos to share with ya'll too..

But it's just a wrap up, hope you don't mind.. :)

Enjoy ~
Each of us got a polariod photo of our own too..

So excited and happy coz I could rarely get this kind of cute thing!! Hees...

And thanks to the sponsors UMobile and Snips for the awesome goodies and make up!
There're more to go people..:)

OH YA! One more thing! 
Tomorrow, 22nd of Apr 2012, there'll be a fashion show in MidValley@Centre Court...

I'll be running on the stage with Roxy attire at 5.30pm sharp!!

Don't forget to be there and support me ya people!

See ya'll there! XOXO


- END -