Friday, June 29, 2012

...Are You Brave...

Hey peeps!How's day?

Yeap I just finished my final and it's not good... :(

My sixth sense told me I'm gonna fail another sub again...

What to do I'm just not good in Finance...

Well FYI I'm major in Marketing and minor PR, but due to the lack of subs I have no choice I have to take some of the Finance subs...Le sigh...

I failed Finance&Investment now another Macro... :(

Just bless me I'm not gonna fail coz I'm not brave enough to take this! :((

SO yea I have to thank you Nuffnang for giving me a pair of Brave premier screening movies tix!!
This is really the first time I won something online!

Like I'm really bad in luck..kind of..Never really win something in my life!

And I'm really happy I have to say!!And it's another Disney Pixar!!

FYI I love cartoons!!!!A LOT!!

People said it's kinda waste to watch cartoon in a cinema but as for me I don't think so cause you know what, cartoons are better than some of the movies...

At least better than Twilight!LOL!Sorry Twilight fans!XD

So Brave is now showing in cinema you people must pay a visit for this movies!

It's not another fairytale story but a story about family love!

It's really touching and there are 3 little cute characters inside which is super adorable and naughty too!hahaha!

The story line is great and this kinda reminds me of another awesome cartoon How To Train Your Dragon!

Well not too much story telling here, wanna know more?Watch it yourself!TeeHee!!
And here's a photo of me with the big poster!HAHA!!

My pants is so matching with the background of the poster...LOL!

I bumped into Emelia too...Erm..not bump, she's working with Nuffnang that's why she's there!LOL!!

And weeks ago I went to a don't know what sherbet thing?LOL!!

I don't really know what's that actually..
Until I reach the place..haha!

Well yea anyway didn't win anything but got a chance to take photo with JJ and Ean and Arnold..
And I have to say sorry for being really cincai coz I'm super tired and sleepy that day and I'm havaing exam on the next day..

Anyway congrats to all the girls who's wining and all the best in the filming..

Last but not least, a photo of me myself!LOL
Good day peeps!

Only have 1 month of sem break and I don't think it's enough tho... :/

And sobbing now coz I'm not able to graduate by end of this year already...SIGH!!

But life still goes on..BUt but but...

Just left me alone and emo for sometimes will do... >.<

But remember to enjoy your day peeps!

TGIF and party rocks peeps!

- END -